V3.6.9 - Extension load issue

Hi team

I have a module extension that works perfectly in v3.6.7 but is not working in v3.6.9. (It also didn’t work in v3.6.8 but I never had a chance to investigate before v3.6.9 was released.)

The extension adds the following components to the module:

  • Global Properties
  • Prototypes
  • Pre-defined Scenarios

When opening the module+extension in v3.6.9 It reports the extension as loaded, the extension Pre-defined Scenarios are displayed in the drop-down menu, the extension Global Properties values are available (a debug GKC shows the correct extension property values for each unit), but menu options on the Combat ID counter do not appear.

Editing the extension in v3.6.9 shows the Prototypes in the correct sub-folders as expected and nothing appears amiss in the definitions. Saving the extension in v3.6.9 does not change the behavior.

I think I’ve identified the common factor in this issue, so here’s a folder with the module and extension if you want to follow along:

(Open the module+extension and choose one of the “(Combat)” pre-defined setups. Select a combat unit, e.g. hex 30.18, and Alt+C to add a Combat ID marker. In v3.6.7 the Combat ID has menu options for Ctrl+C and Ctrl+O in the “Combat Marker” menu, but these don’t appear in v3.6.9.)

Eventually, after adding a GKC to ‘ping’ all the Combat Markers (‘Validate Counters’), I noticed that the Combat ID and Combat Arrow markers didn’t respond to the GKC, and they both happened to be on the first Scrollable List in the counter palette. (Game Piece Palette/CombatMarkers/Letters in the Combat Markers folder near the bottom of the module.)

I added a new Scrollable List (‘Dummy’) as the first entry in the Tabbed Panel, with no defined counters, and now all the Combat Markers operate correctly when the module+extension is opened with v3.6.9. Moving the ‘Dummy’ Scrollable List to any position in the Tabbed Panel other than the first entry (or deleting it) causes the issue to re-appear. Moving it back to the first position in the Tabbed Panel corrects the issue again, so it certainly appears that the issue is related.

This looks like a bug.

Regards, Myk Deans

Does the problem happen with 3.6.8? Knowing that would limit the range of changes we need to look at for causing the problem.

(It also didn’t work in v3.6.8 but I never had a chance to investigate before v3.6.9 was released.)

Now that I know what to look for I have re-downloaded v3.6.8 and I can confirm that the issue I saw in v3.6.8 is the same as the one I’m seeing in v3.6.9, so it was introduced in v3.6.8. Any game piece in the first Scrollable List of the Tabbed Panel does not connect to the Prototype in the extension.

I’ve found the commit which caused the change you’ve observed: cca7415314.

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Can you tell me where the Place Marker (?) trait associated with “Place Combat ID” is defined?

The traits are in:

Game Piece Prototype Definitions
    ****Title-specific**** [Folder]
        Unit [Definition]

(Place Combat Arrow (the other marker in the first Scrollable List that shows the issue) is also in this location.)

(The issue also shows up if you drag an ID marker (‘A’, ‘B’, etc.) or Arrow from the Combat Markers palette (yellow ‘3:1’ button on toolbar), ‘Letters’ tab. Markers on the other tabs do not show this issue. The traits are shortcuts to this palette.)

(With the game open, from the log window Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C will cause all combat markers on the map to respond with a “[Piece Type] [Piece Name] in [Location] received ValidateCounter” report to the log window. In v3.6.7 all combat markers respond correctly. In v3.6.9 (or v3.6.8) markers in the first Scrollable List do not respond.)

If it assists you, I am open to email or voice conversation to discuss. (Pacific timezone)

Please try the VASSAL-3.6.10-SNAPSHOT-b59004d-master build from our builds archive. Does that resolve the problem for you?

Yes, that appears to resolve the issue after a quick test. I’ll spend more time on it later in the day to go through other tests, just in case. Thank you for investigating.

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Expect the fix to be in 3.6.10 when that’s released, soon.

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