V3.6-beta4 : Movement trails missing in a module

Something in v3.6-beta4 has caused Commands & Colors:Napoleonics v4 to not display movement trails. On the other hand, other modules I’ve checked haven’t lost this ability.

I notice this change

  • 10585: Movement Trail “initial visibility” and bounding box caching bugs

Any suggestions what I might check to help debug this or what I might change to avoid the problem ?

Is it still this way in 3.6.0-beta6?

I should have said, yes, it’s there from beta4 through to beta6,

A bug was fixed in Beta4 where the Movement Trail’s initial visibility was being set from the wrong data. It is conceivable that your module somehow accidentally depended on this to show the trails.

Did your trails used to show up automatically from the very beginning? If so, got to each of your Trails traits and make sure the “Trails Start Visible” box is checked.

If that doesn’t work, point me toward your traits (in what prototypes, in what filename of module, and how does one find a unit and normally turn it on)

@Cattlesquat - first one I checked shows Trails Start Visible but not to all players…

Comparing this to one that works before and after v3.6-beta4 (see below), there are a few differences. I will try changing the obvious one first.

@Cattlesquat - When I set “Trails are visible to all players” the movement trails appear again.

In further testing, I confirm that - in the original version - trails will appear on a piece on the first Ctrl+M key command.

It seems to me that the change must be interacting with the “Trails are visible to all players” setting to have the opposite effect to what was intended; at least, in this example.

It sounds like fixing the earlier bug has “unmasked” yet another one.

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When the build for “MoreTrailsBroken” comes up at vassalengine.org/build, let me know if that fixes your thing.

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Yes, that build fixed it.

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