V3.6beta7 bug: Movement Trails - sometimes hidden to a player when should be visible

In an online game (also reflected in log files), a player was not able to see movement trails that should have been visible to both players (other player was running v3.5.8 and could always see the movement trails).

On replaying the log file, the player who was unable to see trails under v3.6beta7 could see the trails providing they use v3.5.8 to replay the log.

Game used was C&C Nap v4.0.6 (built under v3.5.8).

Log file may be found here (for now).

View of bottom right corner of screen, under the two versions of Vassal. To reproduce, play the log through to a couple of actions past the third die roll. Select the unit that moves, in order to see the movement trail (or absence of it) more clearly.

Under v3.5.8 (what should be seen):
Pasted Graphic 1

Under v3.6beta7 (missing trail):
Pasted Graphic 2

The movement trail trait for the example piece. I am fairly sure that no special action was taken in the game that would have turned the trail off for either player.

Further analysis of v3.6(beta7) behaviour:

  1. Ctrl+M will make the trail visible, if not visible.
  2. Pieces that have never moved seem prone not to display the trail initially. Pieces that do not show the trail will show the trail after an end turn (end turn sends a Mark Moved command to all pieces with Moved==true).
    Suspect that the initial Trails on/off setting under v3.6 is not the same as under v3.5.8.

One clarification – your first paragraph mentions movement trails “that should have been visible to both players” but the configuration box you show has the “Trails are visible to all players” box unchecked. Just making sure we’re talking about the same thing before I have a look.

As i understand it, “visible to all players” being unchecked just means that the trail can be turned on or off independently by each player.

As “starts visible” is checked, I understand thaf means the trail will be visible to all players initially.

This is how is seemed to work inder v3.5.8. .

Okay that might be the first time I’ve ever understood what the “Visible to all players” checkbox is actually supposed to do. I’ve updated the docs a bit so that Others Who Come After might understand too.

Meanwhile, when a build comes up for MovementTrailsFixAgain (or some name like that), could you give it a try and see if that improves things? Your hint about things that haven’t moved yet not displaying things gave me an idea/clue.

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That seems to have fixed the issue. Pieces moved show trails again. The demo problem “move” in the log file still doesn’t show a trail despite that the move trail shows under Vassal 3.5.8 but is that just a hang-over from the problem and the way v3.6 is now handling trails ? i.e. won’t happen with games started under the patched version.

Probably? If the one in the log had already had its game state “damaged” by the time you started logging then that would certainly mean it wouldn’t get any better, because the fix I applied is only for the very first time a piece has (ever) moved.

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