V4 Components: Game Library Service

This is a follow-on to the V4 Architecture article.

The Game Library Service provides access to a collection of game modules.

Game modules have an assortment of metadata. Some metadata pertains to the game, such as title, publisher, year of publication, topic. Some metadata pertains to the module, such as the module maintainer and module version.

The Game Library Service shall provide endpoints for

  • getting game module metadata by module id
  • submitting game module metadata
  • querying game modules by metadata fields
  • querying game modules by full text searches over all metadata
  • getting a URL for a game module
  • uploading a game module and receiving back a URL for it

Dare I say some of the metadata might be metadata? Number of downloads, number of games in progress, number of completed games?

I see that as being part of the Game Management Service instead.

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Number of downloads for the module ought to be part of the GLS, as it’s not about game instances.