I’m looking for a PBEM game of one of:

  • PQ-17
  • Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden
  • Ardennes '44
  • US Civil War (GMT)
  • Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian)
  • Storm over Arnhem

I"m new to all of these so they would be learning games

I just got [size=120]Storm Over Arnhem[/size] today. I would be willing to learn to play with you. I have played the other three AH area impulse games, so it likely will not be as much of a grok for me. Could be helpful to you. Also, I’ve never played a game using Vassal before, so that will be an adventure for me.

May I send you a manual for WW2 Global Conflict with respect to your WW2 games?