VASL 6.6.1 Issues with Scenario saved using 6.5.1

Hi Hive, I have a scenario save file that was apparently saved using 6.5.1. It is a Hatten in Flames scenario so using the bdHT file for the board.

Im using 6.6.1 and VASSAL 3.5.3. When I load the game the board isn’t there AND the window is cut off and I can’t scroll down to see the rest of the set up. The start up log has this after all extensions load:

  • Bad Data in Module: Unable to build board 0 0 HT -22 580 957 1354 VER 1.1 SSR OrchardOutOfSeason NoGrain SwampToMarsh FH true
  • Using board(s):
  • Loaded Liehr Launches First HF4.vsav


The forum specifically for VASL is here: … /vasl.103/