VASL 6.6.5 crash during Choose Boards

When I try to add the Wd5 overlay to 62S9-T9 using Choose Boards > Add overlays, an error occurs:

Uncaught Exception
VASSAL was unable to submit your bug report. Please post the file [/Users/erictopp/Library/Application Support/VASSAL/errorLog-3.6.13](file:/Users/erictopp/Library/Application%20Support/VASSAL/errorLog-3.6.13) and a description of what you were doing when the bug occurred in the Technical Support & Bugs section of the VASSAL Forum.

There is no file named /Users/erictopp/Library/Application Support/VASSAL/errorLog-3.6.13

Does this happen with Vassal 3.6.14? Do you get an error log there?

What’s text in the bug dialog if you expand he details part of it?

Running VASL 6.6.5 on VASSAL 6.6.14

Here is the text in the bug dialog

I can see from the stack trace in the dialog that this is a bug in VASL code. The place to report bugs in VASL is the VASL forum.