VASSAL 3.1.0-beta3 released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce the release of VASSAL 3.1.0-beta3.


For Windows: … indows.exe

For Mac OS X: … macosx.dmg

For Linux (and other platforms): …

Source code: …

Changes since beta2:

New features in 3.1.0-beta3:

  • Improved error reporting.
  • Replace trait now has option to match only on traits above itself.
  • Added Dutch translation.

A number of problems present in 3.1.0-beta2 are fixed in 3.1.0-beta3:

  • Fixed bug in Labeler which caused poor performance.
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in DiceButton.
  • Fixed Server Status pane display bug.
  • Fixed bug in SendToLocation when using offsets.
  • Fix NullPointerException when copying and pasting a Replace trait in
    the PieceDefiner.
  • Immovable units selected with movable units are no longer moved with them.
  • Overly large maximum heap no longer prevents modules from loading on
    32-bit systems.
  • More efficient handling of ZIP files.
  • Show the correct menus in Editor on MacOS X.
  • Numerous ADC2 importer fixes.
  • Numerous other minor fixes.

There are several known issues remaining to be resolved, among which are:

  • Modules which use autoextensions are cannot be loaded.
  • Missing application and file type icons.

We hope to have these fixed by the beta4 release.

Note that because our error handling strategy changed in this release, you
might see some problems reported to you as bugs which you were not notified
of previously. Please tell us when this happens, so that we can adjust the
code to handle such problems properly.

Changes since beta1:

A number of problems present in 3.1.0-beta1 are fixed in 3.1.0-beta2:

  • Board Picker was not being displayed when starting a new game.
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException when starting modules with private maps.
  • Heap settings in preferences work now, and are configurable per module.
  • Fixed several NullPointerExceptions.
  • Updated README.
  • Attempting to open unrecognized file types no longer fails in odd ways.
  • Various ADC2 importer fixes.

New Features in 3.1.0

  • Improved installation: For Windows, a real Windows installer/uninstaller.
    For Macs, a single-file disk image. Download, click, and install.

  • File associations: Files with .vmod, .vsav, and .vlog extensions are
    now associated with VASSAL (on Windows and Macs). Double-click a module
    to load it in VASSAL!

  • New Module Manager frontend: The Module Manager displays all of your
    modules and save/log files, giving you a convenient way to organize
    them all.

  • Improved memory management: VASSAL now uses significantly less memory
    for various graphics-related tasks. Heap sizes may be set from within
    VASSAL via the Preferences.

  • Improved zooming: Zoom your maps to whatever size you want.

  • Aide de Camp 2 module importer: Convert any ADC2 module to a VASSAL
    module with one click.

  • Many, many other minor improvements, and scores of bug fixes.

Help us test

This is a beta release, and may still contain some rough edges. Should
you find any problems/oddities/bugs, please tell us so that we can fix
them before VASSAL 3.1.0 is released. Also, if you’ve had problems with
3.0.x, 3.1.0-beta1, or 3.1.0-beta2 please check and let us know if those
problems are resolved in 3.1.0-beta3.

Report bugs here in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL

or by email to


Joel Uckelman, for the VASSAL Team