VASSAL 3.1.0-beta8 released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce the release of VASSAL 3.1.0-beta8, the
final beta release before 3.1.0.


For Windows: … indows.exe

For Mac OS X: … macosx.dmg

For Linux (and other platforms): …

Source code: …

Changes since beta7:

A number of problems present in 3.1.0-beta7 are fixed in 3.1.0-beta8:

  • Bug 2536324: Memory mapped and Scaling prefs missing
  • Bug 2527705: NPE in SelectionHiglighter.addHighlighter()
  • Bug 2522301: NPE when loading broken PNGs
  • Bug 2521503: Bug Dialog Show Details does not repack dialog correctly
  • Bug 2514834: OutOfMemoryError should not be reported as a bug
  • Bug 2503662: NPE on connection with a newly created module
  • Bug 2502717: NPE in
  • Bug 2501338: IllegalStateException if cannot create extensions directory
  • Bug 2499980: User Profile display reverting to pre 3.1 version
  • Bug 2499446: NPE when extension directory does not exist
  • Bug 2499238: Return to Deck stacking issue
  • Bug 2498607: Edit extension from another module generates bug report
  • Bug 2497564: No GamePieceImage items when piece first created
  • Bug 2495248: NPE in Replace.replacePiece()
  • Bug 2489325: SocketException in ModuleManager$
  • Bug 2446130: Better handling for ModuleManager socket errors
  • Bug 2431468: NumberFormatException in StackMetrics.setAttribute()
  • Bug 2373491: StackOverflowError due to infinite Send-to-location loop
  • Bug 2300943: Module names with apostrophes don’t appear in Server Status
  • Bug 2286774: Problems playing modules from folders with ‘!’ in pathname
  • Bug 2286742: Exception loading tutorial while constructing Welcome Wizard
  • Bug 2265820: Prevent StackOverflowErrors due to LaunchButton loops
  • Bug: Main Room must not be lockable
  • Bug: Tooltip for dice button was completely broken.

New features:

  • New VASSAL application icon.
  • Less ugly Windows installer theme.
  • Die-roll sorting.

Please report all bugs in beta8, even if they are bugs which you’ve
already reported against other betas. We take your bug reports very
seriously—they’re the reason we’ve been able to fix so many bugs.

New Features in 3.1.0

  • Improved room management: Invite and kick players from locked rooms.

  • Improved installation: For Windows, a real Windows installer/uninstaller.
    For Macs, a single-file disk image. Download, click, and install.

  • File associations: Files with .vmod, .vsav, and .vlog extensions are
    now associated with VASSAL (on Windows and Macs). Double-click a module
    to load it in VASSAL!

  • New Module Manager frontend: The Module Manager displays all of your
    modules and save/log files, giving you a convenient way to organize
    them all.

  • Improved memory management: VASSAL now uses significantly less memory
    for various graphics-related tasks. Heap sizes may be set from within
    VASSAL via the Preferences.

  • Improved zooming: Zoom your maps to whatever size you want.

  • Aide de Camp 2 module importer: Convert any ADC2 module to a VASSAL
    module with one click.

  • Many, many other minor improvements, and scores of bug fixes.

Help us test

This is a beta release, and may still contain some rough edges. Should
you find any problems/oddities/bugs, please tell us so that we can fix
them before VASSAL 3.1.0 is released. Also, if you’ve had problems with
3.0.x or a previous 3.1.0 beta, please check and let us know if those
problems are resolved in 3.1.0-beta8.

Report bugs here in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL

or by email to


Joel Uckelman, for the VASSAL Team

Umm it’s strange but the map “jumps” a bit when you scroll the map with mouse wheel. It didn’t happen to me with the same module in the beta 7 version

Thus spake “Donegal”:

What do you mean by “jumps”? With what module?


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I’m experiencing this sample problem with the current version, not sure if it’s my OS