VASSAL 3.1.6 released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce the release of VASSAL 3.1.6, which
fixes several problems found in earlier versions.


For Linux: … ux.tar.bz2

For Mac OS X: … macosx.dmg

For Windows: … indows.exe

For other operating systems: …

Source code: …

Changes since 3.1.0

The following bugs are fixed in 3.1.6:

  • Bug 2798275: Layer following prop does not allow non-string custom props
  • Bug 2794703: StackOverflow using Embellishment level following property
  • Bug 2793103: Memory check fails on Linux due to architecture mismatch
  • Bug: Transparent images used for orthogonal rotations of opaque sources
  • Bug: Incorrect PropertySource used to evaluate properties
  • Bug: Use bounds for primary screen on multi-monitor X11 systems.

The following bugs are fixed in 3.1.5:

  • Bug 2786932: MemoryUtils.getPhysicalMemory() fails on PPC Linux

  • Bug 2787242: Layer tracking Property - Report Action lags on PieceName

  • Bug 2787134: NPE during map scrolling due to off-EDT Swing calls

  • Bug 2785328: ImageIO fails to read size of JPEGs with bad color profiles

  • Bug 2784636: NPE in MapShader.buildTexture()

  • Bug 2766794: Expanded Stack of 2 pieces collapses when arrow keys used

  • Bug 2659577: ImageSaver paints Boards with no background black

  • Bug: Accidentally rejecting perfectly valid mask images in ADC2 symbol sets

  • Bug: CounterDetailViewer calls Swing methods off EDT

  • Bug: CounterDetailViewer should not appear during piece drags

  • Image scaling is now 35% faster.

  • Map-edge autoscrolling is now smoother and more responsive.

The following bugs are fixed in 3.1.4:

  • Bug 2731738: Memory test fails on Windows 98, Windows ME
  • Bug 2721306: IllegalArgumentException in PanelWidget.getLayout()
  • Bug 2718948: v3.0+ DoesNotStack trait bug
    • Replace Crtl-Shift-Click Selection filter with Alt-Click selection filter
    • Allow Alt-lasso to select Alt-click selection filter units
    • Allow Ctrl-lasso to deselect Does Not Stack units.
    • Double-click on Does Not Stack units causes selection status to toggle
  • Bug 2696618: ImageSaver fails when map has nonpositive dimensions
  • Bug: Bind to loopback ports only to avoid collisions and firewall problems
  • Bug: Module Manager fails to start if port in prefs is already in use
  • Bug: Race condition when setting Module Manager port and key
  • Bug: GUI calls by Module Manager server executed off the EDT
  • Bug: Memory test inaccurate on Linux
  • Bug: Deadlock when Module Manager is closed before children
  • Bug: Java 1.5 ImageIO fails to load PNGs with iTXt chunks

For changes prior to 3.1.4 see the change log.

The recommended minimum Java version for VASSAL 3.1 has changed. A bug in
versions of Java prior to 1.5.0_08 (a.k.a. Java 5 update 8) prevents some
images from loading properly. We now recommend that anyone using a version
of Java older than 1.5.0_08 upgrade to at least 1.5.0_08.

For Linux and Mac users, this should require no action on your part. Windows
users installing VASSAL 3.1.6 with the Windows installer will be prompted to
update Java if what they have is older than 1.5.0_08.

For feature changes from 3.0 to 3.1, see the release notes for 3.1.0.

Please report all bugs, even if they are bugs which you’ve already reported
against other versions. We take your bug reports very seriously—they’re
the reason we’re able to find and fix bugs.

Help us test

Should you find any problems/oddities/bugs, please tell us so that we can
fix them for the next release of VASSAL.

Report bugs here in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL

or by email to


Joel Uckelman, for The VASSAL Team