VASSAL 3.5.6 random mixing of toolbar buttons


I have noticed that since I have switched to v3.5.6 the display of the toolbar buttons sometimes is scrambled. This appears random and did not happen with v3.5.5

I am adding and debugging piece traits during which I start a “New” game with a map board to test and then close the game. The effects noted were only one at at time and different, except for the map show/hide button which did happen several times.

  1. Started Solitaire and the private window of one side would did not show enabled even after swapped sides and Solitaire.
  2. Main Map icons (Image, Zoom options, Hide pcs., etc) were drawn in the middle of the other buttons rather than at the end as is usually the case.
  3. Map show/hide button on toolbar sometimes remains disabled when starting a game test. I think this was when I edited it, although not always.
  4. The Retire button (an icon I added) disappears when the game is closed and I am back in edit.

A module close and restart restores proper function.

I dropped back to 3.5.5 and the Retire button now displays but the icon does not show in the property sheet even though it is displaying on the toolbar in edit mode. It has disappeared from the property sheet before in 3.5.5 and seems to be doing this all the time and I might not have noticed. This may be a separate issue.

The major change I made since moving to 3.5.6 was to add a second map with a show/hide button. Before that I only added maps in chart menus or private windows. I have no repeatable examples but maybe someone else might have noticed.


Is this still occurring with 3.5.8 or 3.6.0-beta1? If so, do you have any better idea of the circumstances which trigger it?