VASSAL 3.5.8 does not refresh counters completely

OS: Windows 7 6.1
Memory: 8GB
Java version 17
VASSAL version: 3.5.8
Module: FITE_SE_Urals_0.6.7.0
Current download version: FITE_SE_Urals_0.6.2.1

A Chart Window Menu and two tabbed maps were added. The maps have Decks and At-Start Stacks. The Decks and Stacks do not display in Pre-Defined setups or Saved Games after refreshing the counters even after save and restart. The game pieces in the Stacks are defined from Game Piece Layouts and only exist in those Stacks.

Is this a bug or does the Pre-Defined setups need to be re-entered to properly display this new Chart window?

The chart window itself does not require a refresh counters to display.

What is meant be “tabbed maps” ?

There may be some new features in the pipeline for v3.6 but up to v3.5, Decks and At-Start Stacks do not refresh. To establish new ones you must re-do the setups. For changes to At-Start Stacks, automation can achieve the same effect to help you convert existing pre-set scenarios (using the Place Marker trait), because the “At-Start Stack” has no function once the game is initialised. As far as I know this is not possible for decks.

The Game Piece Refresher refreshes existing pieces in a save game, it does not add new pieces, neither does it add new Decks that have been added to the module since the existing save game was created.

By tabbed maps I meant Chart Window → Tabbed Panel → Map. Thanks for the Place Marker idea.

@Brent Easton

Thanks, that is clear. I would like to add the new feature but do not relish doing the Pre-Defined setups again as there are a huge number of game piece positions to redo.

I was using Decks on the new Chart Window maps as draw cups to randomize losses in larger groups, for example, 130 counters go in then draw 51 of them as Losses. Is there another way I can do this? There is a module that completely automated this but it is not flexible enough for all the circumstances that arise, and it is very slow.

Is there a way to pull the pieces out and put them into a new Pre-defined setup?


Couple of rough ideas…

  1. Use an existing deck somewhere in the game… you won’t be able to change the deck at all as it doesn’t refresh, so it will need to be suitable to receive the counters. Elements include:
    a) Send the existing deck contents to a holding area
    b) Send the counters to the deck
    c) Do the random counter draws
    d) Reverse the process

  2. Don’t use a deck at all, but use Random() to select the counters. First you will need to identify the counters that may be selected.
    elements of this solution might include
    a) a map window to move the counters to for selection
    b) the move key configured on that map to trigger a means of identifying each individual counter as it moves into that window in a sequential list (i.e. an index value in a dynamic property)
    c) a Trigger loop uses the Random() function to build a RegEx list of counter IDs to “draw”… e.g. to draw four counters, the final Regex might look something like “(34|53|101|45)”
    d) a Global Key Command on the list of randomly selected counter IDs to do the draw … use Fast Match, Location=the private map, Property =~ the regex property.