Vassal 3.6 Beta 2 Mat Feature

I really like the idea of a mat capable of ‘transporting’ other counters to other areas (via use of the Send to Location trait). But, why is there always a but, are the developers going about this the efficient way? For a module with 1000’s of counters that can be potential cargo, the Mat Cargo trait needs to have minimal code attached to it. Most, if not nearly all, code associated with the mat and mat cargo needs to reside with the mat - the counter that is most likely to be far fewer in numbers on the maps. I believe that all a normal counter needs is something similar to the Marker Trait. Everything else is handled by the mat.
My hope with ver 3.6 mats was to replace all the ‘Send To Location’ Traits I have placed on those 1000’s of counters, via a prototype of course, with a few simple mats and adding the Mat Cargo Trait to the counters. All those attached Send to Location Traits added to the game loading time - circa 40 secs.
Now this could be a 3.6 Beta 2 issue, but in the process of setting this up I am experiencing inordinate delays with the refresh counters functionality. 35+ minutes for a refresh! That includes a module updated to 3.6 with the all the Send to’s, the send to’s removed and replaced with mat cargo and also a module with all send to’s and mat cargos removed.

Definitely a 3.6 beta 2 issue here. I took a 3.5.8 module, removed all the send to location traits, refreshed all pre-defined game (6 total). The refresh process took 10.5 mins. Saved and closed everything. Opened the 3.5.8 module with 3.6 beta 2. Saved the module with a different name. Closed and reopened. Went through the tiling process. When opened I selected refresh all pre-defined games. This process is still going at 60 minutes.

Okay sounds like you aren’t actually having any problems with the Mat functionality? (since it seems like the main problem you’re having is with refresh process and that’s happening whether you have the mat traits in or not?)

Could you upload a module for us that reproduces the problem?


Agree. My first thought was that it was the mats. Module is big. Uploaded a version to google drive.

Is this still an issue with a 3.6.2 master branch build? (Builds of vassalengine/vassal)

Have not tried 3.6.2 master branch build. 3.6.1 works fine, around 2.3 minutes for a refresh. A PC with more grunt should improve on that.

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