Vassal 3.7.0 Global properties are not displaying in Text Labels. This was working in 3.6.19

I have a list of Global Properties (G.P.) showing the number of Infantry Replacement Points available at certain cities which is updated every turn. On a separate map all these cities are listed with their current values. In 3.6.19 when updated everything displayed as expected. With 3.7.0, the values are reflected in the G.P. but those values are not displayed on the separate map anymore. It appears to be a problem with the text label displaying the G.P… I use bean shell expressions in the text label to display the G.P. value is some but in others just put the G.P. between $$. No changes to these text labels before or after the upgrade from 3.6.19 and 3.7.0.

Do you mean that exactly the same version of your module gives these different results between Vassal 3.6.19 and 3.7.0 ?

If you have performed a Refresh on module scenarios / game files under v3.7.0 that would also be a possible factor involved in the issue you’re experiencing. The Refresh default setting for text labels and layers changed in v3.7.

Could you please provide a link to your module and description of how to view the missing values. I will investigate. Thanks.

As I look at it again, I see the problem. It is not a text label problem. On the new map I put in the game I used startup stacks that were individual units consisting of only a text label. When I load the game from the beginning, everything loads correctly, but if I update an existing game, the units with the text labels do not load and the map is blank. I have to figure out a different way to place these units that are only text labels so when an existing game is loaded and updated, the labels will be placed properly. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jim.

By ‘update an existing game,’ do you mean using the Game Refresher tool?

Could you please the config of one of the Text Label traits that are losing their value?

Yes. I am using the game refresher tool (which I called ‘updating an existing game’). I realized it was not any failure in the text label. What has happened is since the game is already progressing and not at the start (or beginning) of the game, the startup stacks units are not being placed and therefore the text label units are not being placed on the new map. I originally thought the text labels were not reading the global properties, but in fact, the text label units were not being placed on the new map and that is why I was not seeing what I was expecting. It turns out it is my using startup stacks that caused the text label units to not be placed because the game in not at the start, but in the middle, of the game and therefore the startup stacks are not placed. I’m trying to figure a way around this. Thanks! Jim.

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I think you will need a series of Place Marker traits that place your text label pieces.

The conventional way to do this would be through a temporary piece that is triggered at game open (via an “always run” Startup GKC) to check if the pieces are already there and, if not, run through the Place Marker traits.

I’ve just made available a trial version of the Refresher that will fire a Global Hotkey at the end of each refresh. This offers you the possibility to do “one off” conversions, rather than having to run the routine every time a game starts.

Thanks for the great workaround suggestion! I am going to give that process a shot. I think that is exactly what I need! Thanks, Jim.

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