VASSAL-3.7.2-windows-x86_64 installer won't run

OS - Windows 11,
memory - 32GB,
able to run VASSAL-3.7.0,
game - Stalingrad Advance to the Volga,

problem - when I downloaded VASSAL-3.7.2 and “run as administrator” … after a couple of seconds (and a spinning icon) … nothing happens,

uninstalled VASSAL-3.7.0 … same result when attempting to install VASSAL-3.7.2
was able to reinstall VASSAL-3.7.0 without a problem,

couldn’t find a help topic … if there is one, just kindly point me to the link,



  • The most likely cause of this sort of problem is an anti-virus program blocking the installer from running.

  • Are you certain you downloaded the correct installer for your CPU architecture? Most Windows systems will be x86_64.

just the current update -

… as I mentioned in my previous reply,

I can install vassal 3.7.0 (x86_64) without a problem and play a game (vmod) … I do get a message that the vassal 3.7.0 version is out of date … but when I now downloaded vassal 3.7.3 (x86_64) to the hard drive to get the current version … and execute it, i still just get a spinning icon for like 2 seconds and then nothing happens (just like with vassal 3.7.2).

just for fun, I moved vassal 3.7.3 onto a USB stick … and was able to install from the USB stick to the C drive and run vassal … i just don’t get it … I’m at a loss … but it works … just fyi …

This suggests there’s a problem with the location from which you’re running the installer. Where is it?

Thanks for the reply …

Today, I had 3.7.3 installed … so I downloaded 3.7.4 to both my C and D drives for the update … when I “run as administrator”, just a spinning icon and then nothing from either the C or D drives.

When I copy 3.7.4 from the D drive to my external USB stick … I get a message that I have to copy without properties … after copying to the USB stick, I then executed 3.7.4 from the external USB stick and it updated vassal to 3.7.4 … not sure if the copying without properties is a clue.

for fun … i downloaded 3.7.4 directly to the USB stick, and was able to install 3.7.4 …

anyways … its a workaround … appreciate your continuing support …

This suggests there’s a problem with the location from which you’re running the installer. Where is it?

It would be helpful to have an answer to this. What is the path to the installer when it’s not working?