Vassal 4 - Framework

Hi All,
As part of my contribution to the Vassal 4 flame war…
I’ve seen suggestions on using QT as the desktop framework, but I’ve also seen people mention Unity (which, I feel would be a poor choice for an open source project)

But I was wondering if anyone else had seen raylib.

I feel would be a better fit, for the following reasons:

  • I don’t think a desktop app framework really fits the use case
  • Fairly unopinionated
  • Language bindings for most languages I’ve ever heard of (yes, LUA is there…)
  • Many target platforms
  • Targetted at “beginner” programmers (in a proper way, opposed to all the drag and drop engines)

I plan to play with it properly this weekend and see if my assumptions are correct.

Anyhoo, if anyone’s interested:

As A GUI is also important in the VASSAL world, I’d imagine there would be use for the additional raygui library that the developer has also created: