Vassal 40k importing terrain from other games

Hi, i am new to “editing” vassal. Is it possible to import in vassal40k module a terrain types from other vassal games such Warmachine?

They get better terrain types and other things wchich can be used in warhammer 40k :slight_smile:

Another question- how to edit or do this :slight_smile:

A vmod file is just a zip file with a vmod extension. If you change the extension to .zip, you can extract the mod files. Included in those files is an “Images” folder. This contains all the images used in a game.

If you just want to replace images in a mod, make sure your new image is in the same format (jpg, png, etc)as the original and name it the same as the image you wish to replace. It should also be the same size as the original image …otherwise you may have unpredictable results when you run the game. Then overwrite the old image in the “Images” folder with the new image. Zip up all the mod files, rename the extension to .vmod and you should be good to go.

Thanks for your answer. This seems very easy, and i figured out it somehow :slight_smile:

But what about putting new images to the same module to the images folder?
Please don’t say i have to manually edit “buildfile” or other and insert apropriate text…

New images would have to be attached to something in the module. Vassal provides an editor so there’s no need to access the buildfile directly but you will have to become somewhat familiar with how to edit a module.

Right-click the module in you Vassal Module Library and select edit. You can browse around in the edit tree to get some idea of how things are put together. You’ll note that whenever you create a new game piece (card, token, etc), the first thing you’ll need to add is a graphic. In order for the graphic to appear, the game piece must have some purpose or be displayed somehow so you’ll probably want to get familiar with editing modules …at least on a basic level.

But only you will have that terrain visible. Perhaps better contact the Vassal40k team.