Vassal and Vista

Hey guys. Every time I try to start up Vassal 3.0, this is what I get this:

What on earth does it mean? :S

I’ve tried to update Java, reinstall Vassal and all that other good stuff. Any suggestions?

Here, ‘javaw’ is the Java runtime executable. If it can’t be found, I would suspect that Java wasn’t installed property on your machine. You can try typing ‘javaw -version’ in a command window and see what the error message is. Perhaps the javaw.exe file exists on your system, but the registry wasn’t updated with its location. You could try manually editing the .bat file to use the actual location of javaw.exe.


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Thus spake “Katie Drake”:

This is a common problem with Windows. If you can’t get it worked out with
VASSAL 3.0, you can try VASSAL 3.1.0-beta3, which won’t have this problem: … indows.exe


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