Vassal connection issues

I’m unsure if this should be module specific or Vassal in general, but if this is in the incorrect place, if so I apologize to the mod who has to take the time to move it :confused:

I have a friend who is trying to connect from a university (UGA, but I’m not sure that it matters) and is running into some issues. She can’t connect, the connection just times out. I’m guessing that it is a port issue as she can connect to any other place on the internet fine, the speed is plenty fast enough to respond to server ping, and I can see no other real issues.

If it is the universities firewall, would it be blocking ports 5050 and 6666? I think those are the ports vassal operates with, but I’m not entirely sure. If so, does anybody know any workarounds? I’m sure she’s not the first person to be trapped behind an unmovable firewall.

I personally was thinking for us to play, we’d open up a VPN using a program like Hamachi (, and then establish a P2P connection using an unblocked port, seeing as P2P is effectively worthless outside a VPN considering everybody and their grandmother has a router now-a-days. Gotta love NAT security. :unamused:

Anybody have any other suggestions as to a possible workaround for connecting her to the main server?

EDIT: Okay. Just in case anybody searches and finds this, it is possible to create a VPN and connect using Vassal’s P2P over that.


(1st of all sorry for my eventually bad English)

i have a universities connection too and i think that there isn’t a block. Some types of hotspot connections simply don’t support a direct connection with another pc (or server) but only things like email, web page, download and so on (i can’t play mmo too, only browser game). Because of there isn’t a block i’m afraid there is no way to solve the problem. Hamachi can create a VPN with this type of connections, but only using tunnel relay (i don’t now exactly what it means, i think it is an indirect connecrion) which is slower than a direct connection.

Have you successfully played a vassal game using the P2P mode in a VPN created by hamachi? (i’m only playing PBEM at the moment, but maybe a day i should be interested in that :smiley: )

I would recommend using a RHUB remote support server to check whether you are able to establish a remote connection successfully.