Vassal copying objects and typing squares in chat?

Honestly stumped by this one. I only use Vassal for the X-wing Miniatures Game module. I don’t know how long ago this started but it is really frustrating me! For some reason my chat will fill up with cubes. I’ve included a picture of them. This is a small amount as I have looked back at chat before and it is nearly across my monitor with these things. Also strange is that for some reason objects in play will randomly copy themselves. With no prompting from me at all objects will copy themselves some time during my interaction with them and then when I go to move them a copy of the object in question will remain behind or I find my command isn’t working because I’m activating a copy of an object below the top one. Most common is when I am toggling a firing arc my arc will darken in color because there is a second copy of the object right below it that has just spawned but this is NOT the only time this occurs. Does anyone have any experience with this issue in either the X-Wing module or any other module?

Looks like an ASCII symbol.

Probably the result of some weird key combination made in conjunction with ALT or whatnot.

Try holding down ALT and typing 000222, for example. That will give you a tongue-like symbol (or the Norse letter thorn, as you will)