Vassal does not download properly

Brand new HP Spectre 360, Windows 10, Intel Core I7 quad core, 16G of RAM
When I download Vassal to this new computer, the font is very, very tiny; and when I open the CC Napoleonics module it is very small as well. I have tried many things to fix this, but I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination. All the other programs I have on the computer have normal fonts.
Has anyone had this problem before, and if so, how do I fix it?

I am confused. Why do you think that this is a download problem?

Perhaps my problem is the new version of Java - Version 8 Update 151.
Is it a download problem? Perhaps not, but then the problem is that Vassal doesn’t display properly and is unusable. So, if I cannot figure out how to download a version of Vassal that works on my computer, I am out of luck.
The download looks fine on my work computer and on my 7 year old laptop, but not on my current brand new computer. I was hoping that a new computer would help with some other Vassal issues I have had, such as occasional disconnecting and going out of sync, and problems with units disappearing, etc. I am not the only one who has had these issues.
Do I need to buy an older computer to download Vassal so it will work properly? Do I need a different version of Vassal? Do I need a different computer with a different OS? Is there a fix in Office 10 that can cure this problem? Is it Java? If it is the new version of Java, then a lot of Vassal users, both new and old, will be having problems in the future, because any Java update will be the new version of Java.
I am just looking for any answers or help I can get. If anyone has experienced this issue - font size too large or too small, please let me know.
It feels like something that should be fixable through screen resolution, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue, as all other programs are fine.
Thanks - Phil

“Download” is the process of loading a copy of the software to your machine. If your browser (or whatever software you use to download) does not display an error message, the download has very probably succeeded. If you can open VASSAL at all, then it is not a download problem. I find your use of the word “download” highly confusing.
If the latest VASSAL did run on an older machine and it does not on a new machine, using an older VASSAL version will not help. The most probable problem is that the Java version on your new machine and the version VASSAL expects do not go well together. You could to try to install an older version of Java, but that may break other applications on your machine. Java experts may be able to give you information about Java startup parameters to repair the problem, but that is beyond my horizon.
I have no idea why a fix in MS Office should have anything to do with running VASSAL.

Ha! If only that were true. I have constantly to juggle versions (on MacOS 10.13) to keep VASSAL, the Adobe Suite CS6 and other Java apps running. Should not be like this in theory, but but software development practice (both for Java and for apps) is against that.

If you want to use a different version of Java for Vassal on the Mac, unpack the Java files to a specific location and update the script to use that folder specifically. The file to edit is (…)/

This is how I keep Vassal on 8u112 regardless of what the rest of the system is using.