Vassal down? Can't see a room I've made

Neither myself nor my friend can get into Main Room in games but it does connect, just no Main Room present. We can create a room, but it does not show. We’ve tried:
Axis Empires
Fallen Eagles
Commands and Colours Ancients
Hold Fast Russia
And plenty more…

I can confirm. Chat window shows: - Unable to establish connection to server: Connection refused

Appears to be fixed now.

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The game server restarted, which is likely what caused this.

Thank you all, yes it’s back and working.

The Game Server occasionally crashes for no apparent reason and with no messages as to why. We have a second automated job that checks every 2 minutes and restarts the server if it finds it not running, so the maximum down-time in these cases should not normally exceed a couple of minutes.

That’s odd, I feel we both tried for longer than two minutes but maybe we were just quicker than we thought. Thanks for that insight I waited an hour or so before trying again and we got on and played for a good few hours without incident.

My post was about 7 minutes after the initial post, so it was definitely down more than 2 minutes.

The server process not running and the server process not accepting connections are not the same condition.

Most of the Vassal server went down tonight. Multiple times. Could not even get to this forum. We gave up play tonight. Lord knows where everyone is at. Lost connection, re-established, lost again, could not reconnect after that. That’s when I tried the forum.

They are working it…check Discord in “General”.

We don’t have any good way of announcing when we’re doing maintenance presently. Sorry.

You should find that the wiki is working again now.

I never thought to check discord. Thanks for that. We were all using discord to chat, so it would have easy to check. At the least now I know.