Vassal Engine 3.5.8 blocked by Windows Defender

Windows 10 OS

When I attempt to download Vassal-3.5.8-windows-64.exe, Windows Defender reports Threat Detected
This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

webfile: C:\Users\PC\Downloads\VASSAL-3.5.8-windows-64.exe||pid:1036,ProcessStart:132695937892276651

Is there really a problem with this version? Can I obtain a clean version elsewhere (earlier version perhaps)?

This is a false positive. We reported it to Microsoft yesterday.

We post SHA2-256 hashes for each release so you can verify your download if you want. Direct link … 5.8.sha256

In case you’d rather check the MD5 or SHA1 of VASSAL-3.5.8-windows-64.exe, those are:

MD5: fc15a5ec17fc3ca75abce1ba2f441823
SHA1: f055b54801a1d2a4b4af7049e7dc9a9f793a0a25

I received a reply just now that 3.5.8 has been removed from the Windows Defender definitions. If you update Windows Defender, 3.5.8 should not longer be detected.

Excellent. Many thanks.