Vassal Engine as generic game hex engine


I’m playing LEGENDS, which is the Play-by-eMail, for now over 15 years.
One of my dreams is take LEGENDS is its next (r)evolutionary step.

On of the main critial application in terms of wining new gamers
and contributors is the LPE (LEGENDS Position Editor).

Is possible to use the Vassalengine as a generic game hex engine
to support the nextGenLPE?
The current game system is based on rectangle. Is there a algorithmus
to convert rectangle based map into hex based maps?
Does Vassal engine support different layer (strategy and tactical)?

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P. S.: Information on the new LEGENDS module, which in based in Tolkien Universum, can be found under:

VASSAL will support rectangular as well as hexagonal grids, not to mention area/zones and irregular (e.g. point-to-point) grids/maps.

Thus spake “Arax”:

That depends on what your needs are. What do you need to do?

Hex grids and rectangular grids aren’t topologically the same, so it’s
not mathematically possible to map a rectangular grid onto a hex grid

I suspect that this must not be what you mean, however. If you have
maps without a grid on them, you can certainly overlay a hex grid
on them with VASSAL.

VASSAL has extensive support for layers, but I think what you’re talking
about is different maps, right? (VASSAL can do that, too.)

I think you should describe what you’re tying to do in more detail,
so one of our module developers can give you an idea of how to get


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