Vassal Engine version announcement

It will be great to have such thread in the forum updated to see … when or which version is the last …

Just to show you :

When i download directly the zip file … installation show 3.0.17
When i update from Vassal Website … the current version is 3.0.15

I found it because a message box indicated to me that i was using not the good version while editing a module in progress … :laughing:

Thus spake “soft-bug”:

What I think we need is a clearer display on the web site of what version(s)
are current. I’m going to do something about that once we go beta with 3.1.0.

3.0.17 is latest.

This is something Rodney needs to adjust for the WebStart version.

(Hopefully he sees this…)


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Roger. Right now the manual installation updates automatically via ant, but there’s a manual step to update Web Start, which I left out.


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Hmm, maybe I’m missing something here. When I launch Vassal off my desktop (the Java Web Start Launcher), it currently is showing a version of 3.0.2 as of this writing.

Thus why is that not updating to the above versions - or does one need to redownload versions ? I sure hope not, since that would be a major pain.


Hi Thomas,

You probably have the same problem I do - my Webstart version of Vassal refuses to auto-update. You need to give it a kick along. Open up the Java Control panel and click on ‘View’ Temporary Internet files, then click on Vassal 3.0 and select Run Online.


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On 16/01/2008 at 9:34 PM tomvilfroy wrote:

Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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Brent, I did the above and sadly still have version 3.02 when the main screen shows up. Did notice the file size (if that is what is displayed) did get bigger but that was it.

Any suggestions ?

Next thing to try is to delete your current version of Vassal via the Java Control Panel, then download it fresh from the vassalengine site via the webstart link. That should do it.