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Anyone object to an FAQ? I think we just need to get something simple up fast; I’ll start filling these in myself but any help would be appreciated.

[size=150]Vassal Engine FAQ[/size]

What is Vassal?
Vassal is a game engine for building and playing your favorite board and card games online. It allows users to play over a live Internet connection or by E-mail. It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

Where do I get Vassal?
You can find the most recent stable build in the General Discussion area of the forum; The topic is usually something like “VASSAL 3.1.0-beta6 released”.

How do I install Vassal?
After downloading Vassal, execute the file and you will be walked through the installation process. Unless you are certain you know what you are doing, accept the defaults.

Where do I download Vassal game modules?
To use Vassal effectively you must download one or more Game Modules. The most common place to find these is the Vassal Module List. When you download a module be sure to save it somewhere on your hard drive that will be easy to find later when you run Vassal.
Vassal modules have the file name extenstion “.vmod”.

If I’m having trouble with a module, how do I get help?
If you are having trouble with a specific game module, post a question to the Module Support area of the forum. Vassal contributors are very helpful and you will usually get a response very quickly.

How does the module manager work?
When you first open a module from within Vassal, the module is added to the Module Manager list. In future when you use Vassal you can simply double-click each module to open it instead of manually going through the File|Open Module procedure.

If I’m having difficulty installing Vassal, how do I get help?
Post your issue to the Technical Support & Bugs area of the forum and you should get a response very quickly.

What is a Vassal Save Game?
A save game is quite simply a snapshot of the game you currently have in progress. Save Games are most commonly used for live play where there is less of a need to keep a log of game actions.
Save game files have the file name extension “.vsav”.

What is a Vassal Log-File?
A log-file is similar to a save game but with one significant difference. As well as the snapshot at the start of a log-file, it also contains a record of each action carried out from that point. So for example, when you start a log-file the system takes a snapshot at that point of your game; But the log-file will keep recording until you tell it to stop! So anything you do such as writing comments and moving pieces will all be recorded to the file. When you have finished your turn you then stop the recording and send the log-file file to your opponent.
Log-files have the file name extension “.vlog”.

What is the procedure to play PBEM games?
To start a PBEM game, one player needs to do the game set-up then start the initial log-file. To do this first open the game module, then go to File|New and either select an existing scenario if available, or just click “New Game”. You can then go through the process of populating the game-board with pieces, cards etc.
When you are satisfied the game is ready to go, select File|Begin Logfile to start recording your turn! Or, if your opponent is the one who takes the first turn, just go to File|Save Game and send him the snapshot so he can start recording the first log-file.

How do I connect to the Vassal server?
When you first open Vassal, the pane on the RHS shows the current server status. This is only a listing of games and users on the server and is not an entry point for connecting, it’s purely for informational purposes.

To connect to the server you need to first open a Vassal module. Then, click the “Show/Hide Server Controls” button. This will bring up an extra panel from where you can click the “Connect” button to join the server and see people currently using your module.

How do I open a room and start a game?
After connecting to the server, type the name of your room in the “New Game” box. This will create your room and automatically join you to it. When you have opened a room you can then start a new game, invite players or resume an old game etc.

How do I connect to an existing game as a player?
How do I spectate an ongoing game?
How do I stop others from interfering with a game?

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