Vassal for Imperium

The VASSAL Module that I found and downloaded for GDW’s Imperium has a few problems.

1] There are 2 green jump lines not shown. The most important 1 is from Junction to Procyon the other is along the Imperial’s map edge and is part of the “route” needed to make the original OP placement that has them all adjacent to an OP or World.

2] In the original game the troop units had different values and you turned the counters over and mixed them and drew them as you bought them [sight un seen] then looked at them. But in this module all the troop units of a kind and ‘nationality’ are the same [usually 3 but the Terran JT are all 5s].

Were these changes/omisions made intentionally or by accident. I can’t easily change them [not computer savvy enough] so what do people do?

This module is ‘supported’ by Mycenae. Does anyone have his contact info.

I’m new to Vassal.
The Module I’m talking about is Module II by Mycenae, NOT Module I by cgmclellan.

I’m sorry if any of you got confused by my lack of Vassal savvy. :blush:
Sincerely, Steve1501