Vassal installer doesn't remove older version

It is a problem that has been occurring for some time now (I’m not sure, but it seems to happen since version 3.5.0 or 3.5.1).

These are the lines appearing after I launch a custom installation, in which I choose to keep the 3.2.17 version of the program and delete the previous one:
Uninstall: VASSAL (3.5.2)
Copy to C:\Users\beppe\AppData\Local\Temp
Execute:“C:\Users\beppe\AppData\Local\Temp\uninst.exe”/S _?=C:\Prohgram Files\VASSAL-3.5.2
Failed: Vassal (3.5.2)
Delete File: C:\Users\beppe\AppData\Local\Temp\uninst.exe

I’m running a Windows-64 OS and deletion of the previous version of Vassal has always worked until the latest version 3.4.

Already reported here: