Vassal Invasion in France


After months of hard work … the Vassal French Community has spread the Vassal Virus to France … and to people who speak French …

With have used an insane plot to use a Good Game to diffuse the Vassal Virus to Gamers who do not ever heard about VASSAL … :wink:

We have also tied links with game publishers …

Now, since the 06 May 2008, the news is available to TRIC TRAC (Like BoardGameGeek but for French, Belgians, Suiss, Canadians )

I put here screenshots of this Invasion :

TRIC TRAC : … st&id=1893

Ne tirez pas sur le Messager: … st&id=1894

JedisJeux … st&id=1895

Vassal in a French Review

After doing a comparaison between all online gaming free system in their issue N°10 …

Since MAY 2008 a FRENCH REVIEW named CYBER STRATEGE dedicated to strategy and online gaming has done a news about the arrival of Vassal in France:

Source : Cyber Statége Issue N°14 page 6 … st&id=1896

We have seen more than 200 download from our French transalation Module Page …

And the Vassal French quick Installation tutorial downloaded over 50 times since yesterday …

To be continued …



Truly amazing work. Is there actually a review of VASSAL or just a general announcement?

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2008/5/7 soft-bug < (>:

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Not a Vassal review … but a strategy review for Online wargamers and BoardGamers …

I put you here the link to this review AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH too … 2354&bc=no

[i]In this issue :

  •     Strategy guides : Europa Universalis III : manage your kingdom - Armageddon Empires : the perfect deck – Medieval II : Total War : AAR with the Ottomans
  •     Reviews : Battlefront – Silent Hunter IV – UFO Afterlight – Ageod American Civil War – and much more !

Warning : this issue 0 is a collection of articles from back issues of Cyberstratege. Cyber #1 will be available in June and will be a complete adaptation of the French issue #14, published in May.

Every two months, Cyberstratege is the magazine of reference for thousands of a strategy lovers ![/i]



Awesome! It’s great to see the support that the French VASSAL community has. Good work!


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