Vassal Ladder Site

The Ladder site is now up and running (testing)

These forums are linked. I have a little bit more work to do graphics/setup but welcome any suggestions before we launch it

Looks good Tim, easy to read and it’s obvious where everything is. Maybe change the Login and Password boxes to something more standard, just a white background maybe; that’s nit-picking though :slight_smile:

Gone ahead and done that - I agree, needed to be clearer colorwise :slight_smile:

Have to work on the center banner next - just a placeholder at the moment. I can have as many banners as needed and rotate them. Think I will go with graphics for each ladder as they are created/demanded and link them to their respective page

After that write up info for rules/login and stuff on rules pages and everything should be good and ready :slight_smile:

Perhaps a link on the main page would be good, or was I blind?


What’s about your policies … let me explain it on a message sent by Rk to WK40,HEROQUEST,BLOODBOWL,BATTLEMASTER keepers :

As I posted to the VASSAL mailing list, I’ve received a letter from Games Workshop asking me to remove all materials related to their games from the web site. This request included Sabertooth Games’ Lord of the Rings TMG as well, so I’ve had to remove your module page too. Thanks for your understanding and help with the VASSAL project overall.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Are we authorized to use the ladder site ??? or we’ll keep in caves to prevent a terminator arrival ??

Thank you for you answer … i think one of the mentionned module is already registred to the ladder site …

Thus spake “soft-bug”:

First, let me preface this by saying IANAL, so this is not legal advice.

While there is at least a case to be made for Games Workshop having the legal
right to prevent us from hosting modules for their games, I don’t see how
they have a leg so stand on if they want to prevent people from running a
tournament or ladder site—there’s nothing there which they could plausibly
claim is their intellectual property.

That said, so long as they perisit in policies like this, Games Workshop
(and Avalanche) don’t deserve your money. I encourage you not to buy
what they sell, and let them know why not.


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Avalanche doesn’t deserve our money for other reasons, most notably because their games really are crap!

Thus spake “bsmith”:

In their case, I’ll say that the reason I don’t buy their games is
overdetermined. (Also, for Games Workshop, but that’s because I
can’t paint a model to save my life.)

Hey, speaking of that, I have two games from the Great War at Sea Series
you might want to buy from me. (It’s like Car Wars with ships, except
that it’s not fun.) :frowning:


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On Mon, January 21, 2008 11:38 am, Joel Uckelman wrote:

You’re not in Marketing, are you Joel? ;)

That just caused a C | N > K moment…

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Games Workshop has a pretty clear policy around this, and it’s even presented in plain English. See As I read it, running a ladder/tournament site is completely within what’s allowed.


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Thank you for your efforts. I personally dont think that Games Workshop has any right to let the modules be removed, but I can understand if somebody wants to avoid trouble.

Thank you again for the ladder.

I have some questions considering the ladder:

  • Is it possible to include Draw-results?
  • Is it possible to include point results, meaning if people have the same number of victories, the one with the higher victory points from won games to victory points from lost games ratio would have the higher rank.

Not sure - I’ll have to look into that

It does feature a point system (why you put in scores on the report) but how it is used I would have to find out.

I am awaiting a software update which will add ratings (Elo / Glickman), such as found used in chess etc…

This is a better method of distinguishing players rather than using a more traditional w/l point system especially on a ladder system. As soon as I have it and get it implemented, I will switch over those ladders that wish to use it. It should not affect current w/l records, be retroactive and no downtime

The only one I’ve ever bought was Panzergrenadier “Desert Rats”. No kidding, the map consists of scans of actual carpet. I was so annoyed I whined about it on BGG

Thus spake “Tim Franklin”:

C such that N is less than K?


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On Wed, January 23, 2008 2:20 pm, Joel Uckelman wrote:

Shell command pipeline. Coffee, pipe through Nose, redirect output to

Sorry, too many assumptions about the ubiquity of geek humour :frowning:


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Thus spake “Tim Franklin”:

Oh, right! I’m a geek in several fields so symbols are heavily overloaded
for me. :slight_smile:


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On the issue of copyright, I am taking the opportunity of the impending documentation rewrite to remove all references to “intellectual property” which is just a term designed to equate fair use with stealing. We’re intelligent folks (supposedly) so we should be referring to copyright, trademarks and the like.

But I certainly agree that the way to respond to “IP” thugs is to vote with your feet. Yay GMT!

Btw there seems to be a bug:

But Triumph has only won so far.

Edit: I got it, only ranked players losses are calculated so the loser is still unranked and does not count…

Not a bug. This is because that information is based on ranked players only. So because Triumph is currently the only ranked player on his ladder and everyone else is unranked
he qualifies for all of those statistics
If Joe User were to join ladder and lose 2 matches then finally win 1 making him a ranked player and Triumph performs no activity in the meantime, Joe User would automatically replace Triumph with the most losses

Dark Scipio wrote:

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its a super tool this site… An internalization would be great. For French, i can help to translate…