Vassal mod saved as vsav

I f’d up saving a Vassal mod file (vmod) as the vsav pre-defined set up file. Now neither the vsav or the vmod will open in Vassal. Just wondering if there’s a way out of this before I start again from scratch.
OS: Windows 10
Memory: 16GB
VASSAL: 3.5.8
Module: Imperial Tide v 1.0

The best thing to do would to make the file you have available so we can take a look at what state it’s in.

How’s that done now? I don’t see a upload file button?

Dropbox, Google Drive, any other file upload service, email (if the file is small enough) are all good options.

Or you could just try renaming the module you saved as a .vsav file to a filename with a .vmod suffix.

Actually it was the opened edit file. I was rushing & got sloppy. And then after some panic-button pushing I don’t know how I saved the “open” file (that was going to be the vsav file). I’ll try dropbox because one at least has a buildfile still intact.

Here’s the google drive link to the folder. Theres the vmod file & then what was available when I unzipped it - no image file, but there is a buildfile. The other file I saved - my so-called vsav file - has the same info minus the buildfile & no image file.

Here are the files. Also shared Google drive folder.



I’ve had a look now. What you appear to have there is a saved game that somehow has the module’s build file inside it.

If you have a backup copy of the module and this buildFile.xml is newer, you could make another copy of the module, unzip that, copy this buildFile.xml in, and rezip it. That might give you a working module again if the only things which changed were in the build file.

The saved game might also still be usable in that case—you’d need to open it with the reconstituted module and save it back out again.

If you don’t have a backup copy of the module—or at least of the images in it—you’re looking at starting over.

Always keep backups.

Thanks for checking Joel. Nope. No back up. Will be starting this again while I have it fresh in my brain.