Vassal Module Manager able to set default Vassal Id and Password?

More of an idea than a request. Here’s the outline…

It concerns that Vassal Module Manager preferences:

My idea is that to this Module Manager Preferences panel is added a Personal tab. On this tab, the user may set themselves a user name, password and info that will serve as the defaults for any newly added or created modules.

The rules for applying the defaults might be

  1. New module or module without a user name / password set - use the one defined in the Vassal module manager.
  2. New module - use the default user info defined in the Vassal Module Manager.
  3. Defaults would operate independently of each.
  4. if the Module Manager is started without a user name and password specified, it will prompt the user for them and explain the significance and how they can override the settings in the module, if necessary.

I think this would help the general username/password issue and streamline installing a new module. Any pitfalls though, I wonder?

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I might be somewhat misunderstanding your suggestion, but I would suggest adding a setting to either just use the defaults for the user name and password as you suggest or always asking the user the to confirm the defaults allow the option of overriding these defaults whenever a module requests such information.

Overall, I think your idea is good. With all the user names and passwords I have to use for work and pleasure, I sometimes have a hard time keeping them straight. This would help reduce such confusion.

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