Vassal newbie needs help with Cry Havoc modules

Having just recently learned about vassal, I’m over the moon to see Cry Havoc! I have installed Vassal, the Cry Havoc module and now I want to get the extensions working. No matter what I do I cannot get the table ext, and any others to show up. Can anyone help. Happy to provide os etc details.

Imagine the cry havoc basic mod is cryhavoc.mod
The extensions are siege.mdx crusaders.mdx
You have to place the cryhavoc.mod in a folder called cryhavoc (with the same name than the file name). Then create 2 sub folders inside cryhavoc folder and name it as siege_ext and crusaders_ext ( name_ext, with “name” the name of the extension file)

Here is my directory structure:


The main mod file is in the CryHavoc folder, all .mdx files are in the _ext folder. Should this be changed?

As long as your module is in ~/VASSAL-3.0/CryHavoc/CryHavoc, this should work. The last poster was incorrect.


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Oops, listed one too many CryHavocs in that earlier reply, directory structure is ~/VASSAL-3.0/CryHavoc/CryHavoc_ext, but that should be working? Very strange as it is working on my desktop but not the laptop. Identical OS, Java, Vassal versions. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Aargh!!! No matter what I do I cannot get the &%&$&$^ extensions to work in Cry Havoc. On three different machines no less. Time to go back to Cyberboard. Means having to run a windows machine, but at least it works.

Only kidding about running windows, would never do that. But it is really frustrating not having the extension work. :confused:

solved it - user error :blush: