Vassal Newbie Wants Opponent

Experienced wargamer, but new to Vassal. Would like to start with a simple game. I’m on U.S. Pacific time.


Hello DT, glad to hear another wargamer jumping into vassal . Allows many oportunities to get your game fix in. I am playing several games at present. You should let all interested which games you are looking to play or learn if new. Also if interested in live or pbem games. I have mostly pbem games going at present due to number. Others only want face to face.


Thanks, Juno. I’m most interested in WWII, post-WWII and space games. But I’m open to anything. Also interested in political CDGs like Twilight Struggle.

At present am playing Barbarossa to Berlin, Empire of the Sun and Twilight struggle. All pbem and have room to go with you in any of these. Pick something you are happy with if so and we can give it a go. Vassal is very easy with them all. TS has a bit of wiggle needed for the card plays sometimes. I am going in tonight for work on night-shift but can access these systems and will get back to . I am in Alberta mountain time.


Hi Dt,
Are you interested in playing Cry Havoc, or any games in the Great Battles of History series from GMT? If so, contact me.

Well am actually reading rules for VG’s Nato , am playing The Civil War, Barbarrossa to Berlin, Empire of the Sun, Twilight Struggle. If any of these are good for you I can fit that in. All via vassal and acts for cards/dice.

Im new also, would love to try some simple stuff out, still trying to work out how the site works.

ok I do not mind helping out with a game you already know , vassal is easy to use. A simple game is better . Obviously a game which has some interest is better.