Vassal Newbie

I’m a newbie to the Vassal system, but I’m really looking forward to playing the games I grew up with.

My biggest problem, though, is actually starting a game. For example, I’m attempting to play a solo game of Axis and Allies. I opened up the module, selected “solo” in the wizard, and the game opened. I don’t know what to do from there. I attempt to start a new game, but the option is greyed out. I can’t find any other option that will allow me to take my first turn, i.e. purchasing units for the Soviets.

Anyone familiar with Axis and Allies that can help me out?


The “new game” option is greyed out because you have already started a new game. Everything is ready to play!
Now don’t expect much automation: you should play mostly “by hand”, dragging pieces as if you were on a real board.

For instance, to buy units for USSR, open its “NATIONS” window to spend available IPCs and drag pieces from the palette (“UNITS” window) to this USSR window.
Have a look at “Getting Started” in the help menu, it’s really helpful.

If you intend to play solo, you may want to try “TripleA” software. It’s far from being as versatile as Vassal, because it’s focussed on Axis and Allies rules, but it provides plenty of themed games with the same rules, and fully automated battles. Above all, for solo play it provides something you can’t get in Vassal: computer opponents (not the hardest ones, though).

They did a lot of work on the A.I. ≈2 years ago.
It is much much better.
Like, scary good.
On they plus side, TripleA has a clone of Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition. Woot!