Vassal Newby

I have recently gotten to vassal to work on internet connection, turns out I had a faulty modem. I was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to help out a vassal newbie. Here is a list of games that I have that I have seen has vassal modules.

1960 Making of the President; A Victory Lost; Central America; The Civil War; Empires in Arms; For the People; G.I. Anvil of Victory; Hamburger Hill; In their Quiet Fields II; Invasion of the Air Eaters; Starship Troopers; Twilight Struggle; The Third World War; Three Battles of Manassas; Vietnam 1965-1975; Washington’s War; Warplan: Dropshot II; Warplan: Dropshot III; We the People; Wilderness War; World in Flames

I’m playing a lot of Vietnam 1965-1975 currently. We utilize Skype to make play that much easier, and virtually “face to face” gaming! I have Central America, Empires in Arms, Twilight Struggle. I’ve played Wilderness War, Washington’s War, The third World War.

What exactly are you hoping to do?

I’m looking for just a few simple games to start so I can get comfortable with vassal. I had not thought of the skype angle. I have almost no experience with Skype. I figure one new toy at a time.

Let me know of a game and I’m happy to try with you!

How about a game of Twilight Struggle?

Sounds good. I am in the Central Standard Time Zone. What is a good time, day for you?

I’m in the Eastern Time Zone. Maybe on Sunday night the 12th?

How does 8pm your time work?

sounds good. I’ve got version 3.09a and am set to go. Do you have a preference as to side?

No I do not.

I am also a newby, but willing. Tom Contact me at