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I travel pretty extensively right now and I am interested in purchasing a small net book in order to be able to play games like ASL, Flying Colors, Blue Max, Dawn Patrol to name just a few while I am away. I can’t use the company laptop for this purpose and I don’t want to lug my personal laptop around in addition. I primarily want to play live VASSAL while using Skype or Messenger for voice.

Does anyone know if net books have the storage capability and graphic ability necessary so I can download the VASSAL engine and Skype software versions and also have saved game files on the hard drive?

Any advice is appreciated.


I’ve been thinking about playing VASSAL on a netbook too. The hardware shouldn’t be a problem, it is just that you may find that the screen is a bit small on netbooks.

I have tried it and I don’t recommend it. Even with 2 GB RAM (Acer Aspire One), running a graphics-intensive module (Combat Commander: Europe) was extremely slow. The screen resolution is unfavourable also, as already mentioned. If you want to travel and VASSAL, get a notebook (that’s what I’ve done).

Combat Commander: Europe is Processor intensive, not graphics intensive. It will be the processor speed that is limiting you on the netbook. You should find that you can run simpler modules on a netbook without too much problem.


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