Is there anyone out there than can make a homebrew version of VASSAL for the Nintendo DS or an PSP?

I ask because I thought it would be great since the DS/PSP has wifi connection to internet and the DS has a touch screen for piece movement while the PSP has an actual mouse on it. I figured it could be done but wasn’t really sure, Just thought it might be something to look into.

It looks like this might be possible if there’s a JVM for the PSP: … /aid/67665

Maybe in 5-10 years; It’s a huge project, probably no smaller than 3D VASSAL. I’m thinking something like the iPhone may be a better fit. The DS is out, not enough screen real-estate/memory, and the PSP isn’t touch screen; But it’s all still very new technology. I recon in a few years we will see hand-helds that are perfect for Vassal, with full Java ports. Better to wait until that happens?

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Yeah, I guess it would be better to wait on it. There are ram packs you can add on the ds but as far as I know it’s still not able to handle a java port.

What about this one then, Xbox Live? You guys would make a killing on there having some sort or version of VASSAL for the Xbox Live Arcade…Just a thought.

You could make the modules be Download Content(DLC).