Vassal on PDA or Pocket PC (PPC)

It would be great to have VASSAL working on my PocketPC.
I have Microsoft Pocket PC version 4.20

Maybe it’s already supported but I don’t know how to set it up.

Please, tell me if it’s possible.
Thank you

Michael Kiefte wrote:

Typical screen resolution: 320x240.
Typical RAM: 64M

I really can’t see any way that this is going to fly. Assuming
Windows Mobile does things a similar way to Palm, you’d need to re-write
the whole thing to make all of the game components entries in a database
instead of objects in memory, and then re-do the UI to work in the
much-reduced resolution.


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Thank you for your kind answer.

I have to forget playing Vassal on the bus coming back from work on my PDA.

Thus spake Tim Franklin:

Eh, there are some games which can get by with only 64MB, but I have
a hard time seeing how anything would be usable at 320x240.


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