Vassal SaaS Application (Software-as-a-Service)?

I’d like to try using Vassal on my iPad by running Vassal as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application. I am a Java developer and am thinking of hosting the app at AWS and accessing it via a browser. This might be an interim approach until v4.0 is ready. Has anyone tried using AjaxSwing ( … index.html)?

I created my own implementation of this concept. You can see my in-progress Axis & Allies game with my son here: (you have to give it a few seconds as it is pretty slow).

It is built on an API I created to ‘front’ Vassal: … ndex.html#!

I didn’t make any changes to the vassal code base, thanks to Java inheritance and AOP. I plan to post the code (there are two projects) to github and share additional technical details on the implementation. I’m working on additional features, such as authentication, so that I can enable playing (not just viewing) the game through the browser.

Questions/feedback appreciated!