Vassal Screen shot camera resolution


I was wondering if there is a way to increase the resolution on the Vassal Screen Shot Camera feature.


What would increasing the resolution mean? Would you give an example?

Thanks Joel,

Each Map screen in Vassal has the option for a camera shot of the screen that creates a png of the map screen. I don’t know what the resolution is currently, my guess is something like 96 pixels. I’m hoping I can increase this to something like 300 pixels.

Screen capture will output at the native resolution of the map board image EDIT: oops. There wouldn’t be much point in going higher than that because you can’t miracle into existence image quality that isn’t there–i.e., to blow up an image larger will just result in interpolation, artifacts, fuzziness, etc.

I agree, the image can never be better than the original. However, I run just about everything at about 300 DPI which gives a great zoom image but when I go to get a screen capture the Image is not as good as the original image.

Is there a way to go into the module files or code and change the capture image resolution? Sounds like you are saying no.

I apologize, I misspoke–sloppy from not actually testing but going by recollection. Using the screen capture feature on a map image that I know to be 5100x3300 pixels (entire game done with assets at 150 pixels per inch) yields an output image of 3397x2198 pixels. Weirdly not quite 100 pixels per inch.

That being said, you are correct there is no configuring the parameters of the feature’s output.

Are you aware that when you take a screenshot of a map, the resolution of the screenshot will equal the zoom % you’re currently viewing? In other words, if you want a full resolution screenshot, zoom the map to 100% before taking the shot.


Is there a way to add the image capture tool in the edit mode? Is there another way to screenshot just the edit mode window or is that something done from your PC?

If a map does not have an Image Capture button, you can add it in the editor by right clicking the [Map Window] and select “Add Image Capture Tool”.

If you need to take a snapshot of anything that’s on your monitor, use the “Prtsc” or “Print Screen” key. This will make a copy of what you’re looking at and you can paste into a graphics program of some kind. Maybe “Paint”?? I don’t use Microsoft Paint so I’m not sure. Seems logical, though.

Windows has had built-in screen capture utilities for a long time now. The Snipping Tool debuted in Vista and has been superseded by Snip & Sketch. If you want to get a 3rd party tool, there are TONS of them–Greenshot is but one example.

You can do the antiquated key press and paste into MS Paint, but there’s no reason to unless you really prefer it for some reason.

Thanks guys for the help and the quick response.

The Original question as I put it was weather you could change the screen resolution in Vassal for the capture button.

The reason for this question was and is that some maps cannot be viewed at full 100% resolution. and get a clear image. the capture tool is likely 96 DPI I was looking to get crystal clear images at 300 DPI.

This is not possible with Vassal at this time and maybe one day the developers will incorporate such a tool in the future.

DPI is applicable to things you’re scanning from or displaying to, not to the images themselves. Neither Vassal’s screenshot tool nor any other one you use has a DPI. They’re just recording pixels. What these images do have are dimensions.

Is there another way you can explain what you’re trying to accomplish?

If what you want is for the images to be larger, zoom in before using Vassal’s screenshot tool. It will capture the entire map, not just the part visible on your screen.

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Thank you for this tip. I actually want the opposite from the OP… until I saw your post I was processing the image outside of Vassal to reduce its size before I then attach it somewhere. Now I can do it all from Vassal.