Vassal server - IP logs

I’ve gotten sick enough of this idiot wrecking vassal 40k games for everyone. 3 in a row he’s stuffed up just for me, and I just don’t have enough spare time to afford the waste.

Does the Vassal server log IP addresses of connections? If so, can you please pull the IP address for Captain Wacky so I can make an official complaint to his ISP for breach of terms of service. It’ll be harder for him to stuff people around without an internet account.

If you’re running v3.1, you and your opponent can avoid our immature friend by setting up a direct peer-to-peer connection.


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I’ve tried suggesting that to people (I’ve been using 3.1 since beta3) but it seems like for most people it’s too much trouble.

BTW if you are Rodney Kinney, can I just say thanks to you, and all the other developers, for a fantastic program? For someone like me who has moved to a small town, this is basically the only wargaming I get.