VASSAL using Skype or PBEM and Ftf in Las Vegas

Looking for games in the following:

For The People
Empire of the Sun
Unconditional Surrender campaign game
US Civil War once the game shows up and the module is ready

I can play in the daytime Pacific coast time or use PBEM. PM if interested.

Good for EOTS or We the People PBEM only.

PBEM is fine. I have played EOTS only once as the Japanese, plus a bit of practicing. Do you mean “For The People”? I think “Wethe People” is a different game. I am not familiar with that one, but would be willing to learn it.

my email:

Yes meant For the People. I have played both games mostly PBEM. Let me know your preferences. Usuually play EOTS on vassal with Acts .PM me .


I have not used Acts. I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it. How do you use it along with VASSAL?

Pretty simple once you get to it. Use it for cards and dice rolls. good record of where you are in the game. are you joined in Acts? I am GreigG there.

Yes I am a member using wliednm as my name, and I saw your listing. What I don’t get about ACTS is how it interfaces with VASSAL. Is it an extension? how do you access it when playing?

Well you start a scenario in vassal mod and if given option you say using acts or not
In Acts you start a game select the opponents sides and then just select different options like roll dice, draw cards . The EOTS game plays very well using Acts. I think you can look at games already played there and read the journal which follows along with actions that occurred.

That’s all easy enough, but there has to be some download/activation process to get started. I know I have never seen any prompt to use ACTS and can’t see what you do with the ACTS file. Where do you put it? How do you download it? The game links don’t seem to be download links.

Alternatively, can we play with you using ACTS and me not using it?

if you start a game using Acts, everything remains there . As each action is taken there an email is sent to both parties with the action, die roll card played . In the vassal mod you do all other stuff, move units assign to operations and assign losses as per the results within acts.
However as I mentioned you do not have to use acts , just play within vassal mod.

So which game and scenario choices for you?

I’m open for either game, but slight preference for FTP. I’ve started that 3 or 4 times and never seem to get past turn 3 when my opponent stops. Each has been as the Union so I’m open to try the Conf, or try Union again. I’ll leave sides up to you. Full campaign s is what I’d prefer.

OK lets try FTP , I will take Union full campaign. will set us up in Acts and you will see how that works very quickly. I will need your email to send file.


Looked on Acts but did not see wliednm anywhere.

I’m under Bill, email:
After I signed up, I found myself a short way down the list, maybe about 10 names.

OK looked again in acts and did not see your name or email when attempted to start game.

I actually use TeamSpeak.