Vassal Version 3.7.0 Beta 4

I’ve been using the Beta version to avail myself of some of the new functionality - in particular the Range expressions. Thanks for that. Sure beats the very long ugly expression I was using.

I also used the Export to XML function for a couple of prototypes - 1 prototype and a folder containing several prototypes. I then Imported these XML files into my other modules. From these modules I deleted the now obsolete prototype and folder. The thing is, on saving these modules an error message occurs that states I have 2 prototypes (including the ones in the folder) that are the same name. I just clicked on ‘save anyway’. Reloaded the modules and saved them again - this time no error messages. Just a guess mind, could the problem be that the XML code for the deleted prototypes is still within the build file until the actual save takes place? So perhaps this deleted XML code needs to be removed before the error checking?

This issue pre-dates XML export/import. In my experience the editor is clever enough to know that you had a duplicate but not so clever as to notice that you deleted it already. Hence, ignoring the message and re-loading cures the ill.

Of course the issue pre-dates the XML export/import enhancement. That has only just come into being.

‘Hence, ignoring the message and re-loading cures the ill.’

Yes, indeed, that is the workaround solution. But it is not the solution. The solution is no error message.

Will there be a fix for this issue?

I don’t expect to work on it. Maybe someone else will.