VASSAL versions confusion

I’ve just created a module and after installing it, I hit the jnlp, but get error messages:

After putting in my name and password, it tells me I’m using version 2.9.9 of VASSAL and should update as the game was created (by me!) in version 3.0.17.

Then it tells me that it is "unable to create class on my C:\ because File /images/Splash.png not found in the lib folder

Then it tells me that it is "unable to create VASSAL.i18n.Language and then unable to find it, again in the lib folder

The upshot of this is it then fails to connect and just loads the game offline

Do I need to update something here? Looking at your site, it seems 3.0 is the most up to date, so why does it think i’m using 2.9.9?

Havent had this problem with recent modules, though they were done a couple of months back

Had a break from it, came back, copied everything over from different lib folder and it worked a treat! Panic over

Related question: Version 3.0.17 is still the latest official build?

Thus spake “mehrunes”:

3.0.17 is the latest released version. 3.1.0-beta3 is the most recent
beta version.


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