Vassal with Touch/Tablets/windows 8.1

Just quick question…Has anyone tried using Vassal with any of the “Newest” style Touch PC’s, Tablets and stuff that have the “Full” windows on them? Trying to see if it has worked before buying…Surface Pro…Dell Venue 11 Pro, stuff like that.
Thanks for anybodies input…

A bit of reply…
I got everything loaded up and farted around with it and appears to function ok.
I was even able to use sever functions with the touchscreen…cards can be dragged, and then a press hold on them will cause the menu for what you want them to do will pop up.
Some of the small chits I needed to use the mouse cursor and buttons to be able to flip and move around. So far so good…
Will be using more and will be posted what I find here.
Module being utilized is the Up Front Module.