Vast the Crystal Cavern

Hi, I’m working to build the Vast module. I have some problems with the map tiles. The tiles must be placed on the tabletop face down and each player can flip them face up. Also the players must be able to rotate each tile. I created a deck with the option Belong to board = any, Than I add the tile to the deck. These are the option I used via GamePiecePrototypeDefinition:

Can Rotate
Return to Deck

In the Layer I put the back of the tiles while in the BasicPiece section I load the different front images. I do not understand why I see front side of the tiles when I start the game… I need to see the back of the tile and only with the specific command (using the right click), I want to flip or rotate the tile.
I also try to use the Mask command but with no luck… I see the tile’s deck in the correct way, I see the back of each tile, but when I drag the tile out of its deck it flips revealing the front side…

This is the last thing to ultimate the module, so I would like to finish it in this days to be able to play it during the quarantine…

Do you have any suggestion to resolve this problem?!?

Playing with the parameter I solved the problem using the Mask instead of the Layer. I used Can be Masked by any side, and display style Plain. In the Deck Reference Card I used Contents are Face-down Via right-click Menu. Now seems to work as expected.