Vendors reneging on hosting VASSAL modules.

I’ve been slowly working down the list of modules (how slowly? I’m still in the titles beginning with the letter A), and when I got to the Advanced Tobruk System today, I noticed there was only a link to an external location, and in the Comments section, a note that “Ray” had asked someone to remove the module file for ATS, and let Critical Hit provide the module ("We’ll keep it updated!!!).

So, I check out the link. Dead.
ALL of the links on the ATS page linking to Critical Hit pages are DEAD.

Let this be a word of warning against ANYONE trusting vendors to faithfully provide VASSAL MODULES in the long run.

If they want to provide “The MOSTEST UPDATED VASSAL MODULES EVAR!!!”, put a link to their module, but DO NOT REMOVE THE MODULES ON THE VASSAL SITE!"
In less than 10 years since their request that this site remove the module and to rely on CH to provide it, they went and COMPLETELY overhauled their site, and didn’t include a single vassal module to any game (as evidenced by a google search for “vassal” which returns ONE link, and which a ctrl-F search for “vassal” returns nothing found on the page)

I have been in contact with Ray at CH. A new link was added by me on the module page here to the forum where the downloads are located. Sorry your not as creative as I am but your little rant was uncalled for. The Modules are in the Forum section you will have to register to get into the forums.

Rant? What did I write which was not the truth?

What he means is that honey works better then vinegar so instead of posting the “truth as you see it” you might have contacted them directly as bad press is never welcome for any business. People are going to and will make mistakes. And sometimes the “truth as you see it” is best left unsaid, for instance if your girlfriend/wife asks you if she looks fat in this dress and you think she does do you tell her the truth or tell her no?

Pretty much all gaming companies welcome vassal and want modules for their games to help promote the play and more importantly purchase of those games and most of their staff are overworked and will make mistakes!

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. - Proverbs 15:1