Version 3.6 - Release Estimate

Just an idle neuron was wondering when may version 3.6 be estimated for a release date?
Appreciate that there will be a few more betas, etc. That and a lot of you developer chaps time to do stuff, but I this insatiable desire to know. :slight_smile:

We’re getting fairly close to releasing beta4. Four is the most betas we’ve ever released—3.2 and 3.3 also had a beta4.

We don’t make guesses at release dates, as a general practice. There is no upside to being right and they only disappoint people when they’re wrong.


:slight_smile: Fully understand. Being a retired electronics engineer and ex defence force the crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s is just so. You guys are tops. Looking forward to the next iteration.

beta5 (just released) feels like it might be the last beta needed, mainly in the sense that we’ve gotten most of the new features we wanted to add both finished & in most cases reasonably polished.

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