Very New to Vassal and need help if you can.

I was just told from a friend about this program and that i would be able to play the wow minis game on it. I dl the newest mod 2.1. Ater that i tryed to download all the other mod that where on the page. The only one i can get to work is the 2.1 mod. Do need to put the others in a diffrent folder? or rename them again im super new to this and am trying to figure it out. Any help would be awsome thanks ahead of time if anyone can.

You need to be more specific about which modules you downloaded.

However, you don’t need to put them in a specific folder as long as you can find them with a find-file dialog and you never have to be the super user to use either VASSAL or a VASSAL module.

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I think the confusion is in the Module vs Extension identification of files.

The “WoW_Minis_2.2.mod” file is the Module

All the other files ending in “.ext” are extensions that need to be added in the VASSAL control panel (the first window that pops up when you start VASSAL, that tracks what game modules you have played.)

 Find the <>WoW_Minis entry, and right-click on it, then choose [Add Extension], at which point, you will get the browse box to find your ***.ext files.  You add each extension into the module individually, then they are integrated into the main module the next time you start it.

Play on! :slight_smile: